Dr. Stefanie Mayer

Stefanie Mayer, PhD is a clinical psychologist whose research focuses on the ways that stress – throughout the lifespan – can get “under the skin” and increase risk for disease. She has a particular interest in examining stress and adversity during the early years of life as these can produce lifelong effects in in psychological and physical health, shaping responses to stress later in life.

Dr. Elissa Epel

Joanna Guan

Joanna Guan, B.A. is a Clinical Research Coordinator for the EMMI Study. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a major in Psychology and minors in Educational Studies and Applied Psychology. She is interested in the psychobiological pathways of stress and trauma across the lifespan, particularly examining early risk-related pathways during childhood as well as mechanisms that buffer maladaptive stress responses before they go awry to contribute to psychopathology and chronic disease risk in later life. Joanna is planning to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology.

Lindsey Fox

Lindsey is a Clinical Research Coordinator for the EMMI study and currently works in the health research fields of psychology and sociology.  She brings 10 years of work experience as a personal trainer and 3 years of experience as a professional-level body building competitor to her career.  She is currently pursuing her BA in sociology. 

Lindsey has worked on an array of studies that include the following topic areas: examination of whether increased aerobic exercise can increase cellular markers of health; study of breathing interventions as a factor to improve stress resilience, and observation of transgender healthcare in family planning clinics to identify possible improvements. She continues to work on research that focuses on pathways for improving health and the healthcare system.  

Lindsey's passion for research, understanding people and discovering ways to improve overall well-being continues to fuel her career and daily life.

Bresh Merino

Bresh Merino is a Research Assistant for the EMMI study and an undergraduate psychology student who is serving her fourth year at University of San Francisco. In addition to working on the Everyday Moments of Mindfulness study, she works as a research assistant for the Learning and Metacognition lab on her campus and is launching her own independent research project through her Honors Psychology program. Her research interests include stress, health, meditation, and test-taking behaviors.

Emma Cole

Emma Cole works as a research assistant for the Everyday Moments of Mindfulness study at UCSF. She recently completed her undergraduate education at the University of Denver, receiving degrees in biology and psychology with a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. Emma is passionate about research and has worked in labs at numerous universities and institutions. Highlights include her undergraduate work studying the intergenerational transmission of risk and resilience, as well as a summer internship researching the autism spectrum and other neurological disorders in the Stanford Department of Psychiatry. Emma is fascinated by the complex nature of human behavior and hopes to one day devote her career to psychiatric research and interventions. 

Kobi Miller

Kobi Miller is a Research Assistant for the EMMI study and an undergraduate psychology student with a minor in African American studies. She is now serving her third year at the University of San Francisco. She is interested in the public health and medicine, particularly women’s health and psychiatry. Her research interests include stress, anxiety, Black maternal health, and generational trauma. Kobi is planning to pursue her MD or PhD in psychology after graduation.

Elissa Epel, Ph.D., is a Professor at UCSF whose research focuses on healthy aging, psychological and social stress, and resilience. She conducts clinical trials to examine how mindfulness, meditation, and healthy lifestyle modifications can affect cellular aging, weight, diet and metabolism.

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