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What is the study?

The Everyday Moments of Mindfulness (EMMI) study is a research study for healthy women who feel stressed or down. By participating in the EMMI study you will help us understand more about effective ways to respond to daily stressors in a new, healthier way.  
To participate, please join the EMMI study

What is the goal?

The goal of the Everyday Moments of Mindfulness (EMMI) study is to improve the daily well-being of women who lead stressful lives. To meet this goal, we need to understand how stress affects your life, and support you in learning new skills that we think will help you respond to stress in a healthy way. EMMI explores how stress affects your life by asking you survey questions in the laboratory and in your everyday life.

What does it mean to join?

If you agree, the following procedures will occur:


  • In Part A of this study, we are asking you to either come to our laboratory at UCSF or join a remote meeting via Zoom. At that time, you will complete self-report and interview-based questions. We will also show the study app to you.    

  • In Part B of this study, we are asking you to practice mindfulness and compassion practices in your daily life for 30 days and report on your general thoughts and feelings in daily life. These surveys and practices will be sent to you via the study app – you will receive a notification on your phone once it is time to complete them.


  • In Part C of this study you will meet again with the study team (either in-person or remotely) to complete a follow-up self-report questionnaire and answer interview-based questions about your experiences with the daily check-ins and mindfulness-based practices.

Study Timeline